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Westfields FC introduce CJ Insurance & ClearCare/B&W Group


ClearCare/B&W Group specialise in the recruitment market, and we have particular expertise in the care sector.

As a successful Gloucestershire based business, we were ready to expand, and Herefordshire was the obvious location not only a neighbouring county but also where our roots originally lie.

Rather than go down the large corporate route, chucking money into a bottomless pit, we were keen to be innovative and decided we would look to promote our business and brand awareness through supporting local community.

We soon identified Westfields FC as a wonderful opportunity to put our plans into action, show support to the local community and promote our business – a perfect recipe, and a win/win for all parties. It was unknown territory and whilst we were hopeful that we would get some return on our investment we recognised that at the very least we were helping a very worthwhile voluntary organisation providing a great service to the local community.

A brief time after investing in Westfields FC, we decided to take this further by bringing our suppliers a bit closer to home, that’s where CJ Insurance stepped in! Using the network of sponsors within the club, I had a short conversation with James (MD) from CJ Insurance and impressed by what James had to say, we moved our fleet and office insurance to them, realising very quickly that CJ Insurance provide a professional, personal service that was very cost effective, something that the big online businesses just cannot deliver and what a refreshing change to actually deal with a real person!

It was not long before the favour was returned, James gave us a call, explaining his business was expanding, can we help? Within a few weeks we found a new member of staff for him, adding to his already experienced team and helping them build for the future.

As a Hereford lad wanting to re-establish my roots with some old school friends, local sport and of course develop our business, our partnership with Westfields FC and CJ Insurance has proved invaluable.

So why not keep it local?  Perhaps next time you have a need for a service, be it personal or business related, don’t jump on the internet trying to save a couple of quid, try the Westfields FC network of suppliers and sponsors, it might just save you more than just money!

Come on the Fields!

Tony Farmer

Managing Director

Black & White Group Ltd & Clear Care

Specialist recruiters and providers of care.


Tony Farmer

Managing Director

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